Puglian Wine

Italy has more grape varieties than the rest of the world put together !
Puglia is famous for its share of fantastic wines, both white and red.  Trullo della Selva  is located in “white wine country” as it is higher than the more red growing areas further to the south east. So don’t look for Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon, but try the local wine which are of excellent quality.
From Trullo della Selva Piccolo you can see the hill town of Locorotondo, which is famous for its white wine, and there is a large winery on the road from Fasano . It is dry, and fantastic with pasta. Top tip, chill the glasses in the fridge before serving to keep it cold as long as possible ! Verdeca is a local variety to look for .
locorotondo white
Red wine varieties include some of our favourite grape varieties : Negromaro, Primitivo, Anglianico and Malvasia Nero.
Negromaro is a a dryer style, not dissimilar to Cabernet Sauvignon; whereas Primitivo, is usually a big rounded wine (often 14% to 15%) , with bold fruit. More like a Big Shiraz.
Anglianico is a dry red with a slightly “earthy” intense flavour. Reminds me of the old fashioned “black” wines of Fitou. Worth seeking out for wine drinkers who want something a little different .
Malvasia Nero is used to soften the Negromaro in a number of blends. A really good one to look for is SelvaRossa,  from the winery Cantina due Palme.
selva rosso red wine
All the main supermarkets have a good range now, and there are excellent specialist wine shops in Alberobello and Martina Franca 

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