Lecce, via the wine country : (total travel time 2hrs 1 min)

This is a full day trip towards the South of Puglia, via some country roads to Manduria , at the heart of the red wine region of Puglia, and then to Lecce, the wonderful baroque city, called the “Florence of the South”

Trulli to Manduria 1hr 7mins.

Manduria to Lecce 50 minutes

Keeping off the main roads, this road trip is through the southern plain of Puglia, which is the market garden of Italy : Olives, Fruit and Vines.

Manduria is the heart of the red wine country, with superb red wines from local varieties, especially Negroamro, Primitivo and Salice Salentino. Wineries are increasingly welcoming visitors.

Lecce is a gem of a baroque town, described in more detail in or LOCAL AREA blog. This shows the Spanish influence on the region, being ruled by the Bourbon family until the 1860’s, and a “must visit”, for any trip to Puglia.

Manduria region



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