Alberobello. (total travel time 15 minutes)

Alberobello, a UNESCO world heritage site, is just a 15 minute drive through country lanes from the Trulli. It is described in the LOCAL AREA section of the website, so this blog is just to provide a few tips to help you explore it easily.

Put “Via Independenza, Alberobello” into your Sat. Nav.

Alberobello gets many visitors in the holiday season, so parking can be a little tricky. Take some Euro coins (€4 per day in 2020) and be prepared to use a car park, and walk into the centre. 

Alberobello is busiest in the mornings with tourist groups and coach tours, but gets less busy in the afternoon and evenings when it is less crowded.

There is essentially two different sections to the town, and both are lovely in their own way. Walking up the Via Independenza, when you reach the pedestrianised area, you enter the Largo Martelotta . The oldest part of the town, with over 1000 Trulli, lies to the left hand side, so turn left on Via Monte Nero (passing a lovely wine bar “Paco”) , or left on Via. Monte San Marco. This leads you up the hill to the heart of the old town.

On returning to the Largo Martellotta, opposite Via Monte Nero is a set of steps which lead you to the 19th century part of the town, usually slightly less busy, which contains one of our favourite Ice cream shops, Gelateria Gentile. Enjoy the gentle stroll towards the Cathedral, the Bascilica of Cosmas & Damian.

Largo Martellotta, between the two sides, has now been largely pedestrianised, and contains many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. It is lively in the evenings too.

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